Computer Programming: C++

Lecture Time: Sun,Tue 8:00-10:00

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Q&A system: piazza.com/shahed.ac.ir/fall2017/prog961cs

Textbook: Deitel & Deitel, C++ How to Program, 8th Edition, 2012.


Lecture Slides:

Lecture 01- SB_CPP17_00

Lecture 02- Introduction

Lecture 03: Start Programming with C++

Lecture 04: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Lecture 05: Control Structures I

Lecture 06: Control Structures II

Lecture 07: Functions


Lecture 08: Arrays

Lecture 09: Pointers

Lecture 10: Files


Course Notes

CppClassNotes (till 96.08.14)


Code Examples


Sample codes (till 96.08.23)

Sample Exam