Advanced Programming

General Course Information

This course presents an advanced view of computer programming as the second undergrad course on programming. Students need to pass computer programming (1) as the perquisite.

The goal of advanced programming is to introduce and study key concepts related to advanced computer programming for scientific and engineering applications.

Academic Integrity

Integrity is more important than grades. Any deception or fraud will be dealt with seriously.


More information on this course can be found on the flowing pages:

Spring 2018: 962 (C# programming)

Spring 2017: 952 (C# programming)

Spring 2016: 942 (C# programming)

Spring 2015: 932 (C# programming)

Spring 2014: 922 (C# programming)

Spring 2007: 862 (C# programming)

Spring 2006: 852 (C# programming)

Spring 2005: 842 (C# programming)

Spring 2004: 832 (Object oriented programming in C++)

Spring 2003: 822 (Object oriented programming in C++)