Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Lecture Time: Sun 10:00-12:00 ,Tue 10:00-11:00

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SB_AAI_17_00 (Course Info)

SB_AAI_17_01m (Introduction to AI)

SB_AAI_17_02 Logical Agents (Ch7)

SB_AAI_17_03-FOL (Ch8)

SB_AAI_17_04-Inference in FOL (Ch9)

SB_AAI_17_05-Knowledge Representation (Ch12)

SB_AAI_17_06-Introduction to Learning (Ch18)

SB_AAI_17_07-Knowledge in Learning (Ch19)

SB_AAI_17_08-Planing (Ch10)


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IDS v2

Financial Risk

Application of intelligent agents in health-care v2


attacks and security approaches in open multi-agent systems v2